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Brought to you by the 690th ISS

Modified and Publicly Released by:  and AFMentor

Note:  All data within is not being maintained. There is duplicate information within this sub-domain.  But it may be useful over all.  If you would like a downloadable version please email me. 

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This guide is for use by Supervisors and their troops.

The 690 ISS Top IV decided to create a document that would be a one stop place to get information on Air Force personnel issues.  In the process of building this document, several other types of information were found and added.

Please remember this is a living document and you should always check the most current information on the web sites provided.

I would like to thank the 690 ISS Top IV for giving me the opportunity to create this and to SMSgt Lesieur (AIA Career Advisor) for all of his help and documentation. 

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